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Meet Lisa, Owner and Lead Photographer
(See her work through-out the Captured by the Lens website!)

Lisa is one of the owners and the lead photographer for Captured by the Lens Photography. Lisa lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She began taking photographs at the age of 4
and received her first manual-focus camera as a gift from her aunt at the age of 10. From that point on you couldn’t catch her without a camera in her hands.

Much of Lisa’s talent flows from a heart’s desire that God has placed within her to capture the moments and perspectives she observes through the camera. The experience she gained from the thousands of photographs she took over the years, her freelance photography, and her continued training and positions with several newspapers helped fine-tune the hobby she fell in love with as a child. The rest is history, as photography is now a passion and a full-time occupation for Lisa.

Although Lisa enjoys all types of photography, she especially loves to photograph people-- in all stages of life: engagements, weddings, pregnancies, children and families through the generations. A photo session with Lisa is usually held in a natural, outdoor setting that combines a mixture of posed, natural shots as well as those candid moments she loves to capture during each of her sessions.

Lisa loves seeing her clientsthrough the camera lens and capturing the true spirit of each person, a moment or an event so it can be preserved.

Lisa's goal is to reflect in her work (as well as in the work of any photographer who captures memoires with her) the love…laughter…life….beauty and individuality she sees when she is behind the camera, and to share that image with those around her. Lisa is inspired by the knowledge that God also desires for us to see ourselves through HIS eyes, rather through our own, so that we can recognize the beauty and wonder in what He has created. Her prayer over each client is that she will capture what God sees in each unique person she works with! What an amazing legacy to leave our families for generations to come.

Unfortunately people often look at having their pictures taken as a chore, an embarrassment or a posed ritual that doesn’t reflect the real person. Photographs of people should be ABOUT the person. With Lisa, all clients are at ease and enjoy their photo session.

Lisa believes that photographs should preserve, enhance, remind and enlighten people about this life we are living while here on earth. Capturing those moments is what Captured by the Lens Photography is all about. Isn't it time you had your special moments captured by the lens? www.capturedbythelens.com

~ NEW ~ Want to see work from another
Captured by the Lens Lead Photographer, Barb?*

Are you located in the Prince William County/Woodbridge, VA area?
So is Barb!

Click Here and enter Event ID: BarbPortfolio1

*Barb photographs weddings with Lisa all over Virginia Beach and the state of Virginia and now represents Captured by the Lens in the Woodbridge, Virginia area for on location portraits! For years Barb has joined Lisa as the second photograher at weddings. She has also photographed many events, families and weddings as the primary or solo photographer, and clients have been requesting her by name! We are proud to finally introduce her to you formally and we hope you get to meet Barb during a session or wedding with us!

Click Here and enter Event ID: BarbPortfolio1
to view samples from some of Barb's weddings now.

(Don't worry-more coming as soon as our busy season slows just a tad!)
This is in no way complete, or even the best of the best. We just did't want to wait to start showing you some of her work!

Meet Ginny Wood! Ginny has photographed with Lisa since 2005. Besides being a photographer with an amazing eye for personality and color, Ginny has been helping Lisa streamline the office portion of Captured by the Lens. We hope you get to meet Ginny during your next session with us!  

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Portrait or Wedding Inquiries Supervisor


Portrait or Wedding Inquiries Supervisor